Friday, February 20, 2009

I love the internet

I grew up with computers. I mean that so literally it is silly. As I became older and more mature, computers became slimmer and user friendly. We both exited our "awkward" phase in the same year. Remember dial-up (I kinda do). Now, some days I think what would I do without a computer, well more specifically the internet. Really, I meet people online, I make money online, I play games online, I learn and I read. I even went to school online. I remember speed reading through studies to I could excerpt pieces for marketing research papers.
I'll be honest I think that if there was no internet, I would not be as educated as I am. I wouldn't know about the world as well as I do. I would have never been able to play free rice dot com and feed people. I would never have realized adopting a dog from a shelter is better then getting one from the puppy store. I would not know what kind of lizard my uncle brought me when I was 8.
I internet has really made me who I am today. I wish that all people had access to it and took the classes that I had taken to be able to use it well.
My point here is simply that I am thankful for the internet, it has made my world smaller. I can now reach out and help others, get support and play games.
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