Sunday, February 22, 2009

A post about Blogging

Well, a few months ago I threatened to start doing paid reviews on my blog. I thought at that time one of the paid review sites would start letting you do reviews after 30 days. I was wrong. On March 2nd I will be a 90 day blogger on this blog and I WILL start signing up to do paid reviews.

So to get as much action as possible on my blog I spent this week doing a big blogger no,no. I spent MUCH more time on promoting then I did on content. I am sorry about that dear readers. I did at least make sure my most recent post was entertaining.

I thought I would tell you guys all the things I am going...or trying to do.

I joined a facebook group called Networked Blogs, but I haven't figure out how to use it yet.

I joined Twitter and I don't really get it. I guess what I don't get is how come it is so cool. I was sure I would be instantly addicted like I was to Facebook. Yet, I am completely addicted to Facebook, luckily this blog is imported into Facebook, so while I am blogging I am also Facebook'ing.

I joined many directories. I moved all my links at the bottom of my posts to my side bar. I am still trying to get my sidebar to look quite right, but it is good enough for now. I also have a list of directories at the very bottom of my site.

Technorati is very confusing for me. I am not sure how to network on there. I found my authority number and I am NOT impressed.

I did figure out there are webmaster tools just for me. I haven't figured out how to make a feedburner tiny little box that has the number of reader or subscribers or something. I am not really sure what that number even stand for. I see them all over though. I click on them and still don't get it. They are little tiny rectangle boxes that have a number and say feedburner.

So, if you have any advice or a post about any of the things I am looking for please comment with the link or tip!

Also if my page is loading slowly let me know. I hate pages that load slowly, I won't wait for them to load, so I don't expect you to wait.

Oh yes and I finally made my header much better looking I think. I cartoonized a picture of a painted brick building from a Hopi Jewerly store on the I40 in Arizona. I think it turned out well especially considering I had to edit OUT my husband and IN half a wall that never existed. I am sure now that I told your (or even before) you can kinda guess where the walls ends. I like it though.

I promise I will not use all caps on any word in my next 2 posts since I over did it a bit on this one.
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  1. Feedburner is where you set up a feed for your blog. That way people can either subscribe to your blog by email or subscribe by a reader. Once they subscribe they can view your blog and all the others they subscribe to in one place they don't have to come directly to your blog to read it.

  2. Just to add, the number boxes for feedburner just show how many people have subscribed to your blog.

  3. I really like your new header and I appreciate the lighter color of the background of the blog - much easier to read now.

    I love Twitter!!! Did you follow me? I do it for fun, but plenty of people do it for fun and promote their blogs (giveaways, reviews, etc.).

    Good luck!

  4. don't worry dear....u will get the hang of fret required! just have fun n u'll pass that fun to others! :)

  5. Good day...Navita is will eventually get the hang of it all. Try not to worry so much about what others have and please do write comments and ask if you really like what you see. Bloggers are very friendly and always willing to help each other. We also love to share our tips and widgets. Definitely relax...enjoy...get to know a few bloggers as constant visits to their blogs will in turn bump up your traffic.
    To me those number boxes are like weigh me insane so I refuse to use them. Others love them Most everything is a personal preference in Blogging.
    Have a very nice day!

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  7. I am still seeing the Header Left aligned with a gray background in the area not covered by the header. Does anyone else see this or is it just this work computer......yea that right I am at work reading this blog! :P

  8. I don't know if you have joined, but you can get paid for different kinds of social networking. If you sign up let me know, and I will help you. Good luck! You will do great and it sounds like you already know the key is content which a big step above a lot of people.

  9. Thanks for your support and help. I really love blogging.

  10. I love Twitter - Feel free to follow me.

  11. I also did not completely understand about technorati yet, and need step by step guidelines.


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