Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crisis in WeePeople Town

Well the Wee People in my daughter's toy chest are desperately waiting help from FEMA. Apparently FEMA needs to send food ASAP. To appease the baby Godzilla eating all the people. You see in my effort to reduce the toy area I removed the laundry basket we were using as a toy chest. I replaced it with a small square basket that fits on her shelves. Then I put the stuffed animals somewhere else. There needed to be just a smudgen more of room in the basket so I decided to stick the wee people in the fridge of her play kitchen.

Then my dad came to visit and he pointed out that I am teaching my child to keep people in the fridge. Also, that she takes them out for the purpose of chewing on them. Then last week she seemed to figure out that her play kitchen was....a play kitchen. So she mimicked me and got some stuff (people) out of the fridge and she got some pots and pans. She put the people in the pots and pans and was stiring them up with her fingers apparently making people soup. She was very proud of herself when the soup was done she stood up and pointed and clapped and screamed with join.

Needless to say it is now bugging the crap out of me. I cannot wait to get spare time and go to the store to get some fake food for my daughter to play with in her play kitchen. Also I have relocated the Wee People to temporary housing until they can build themselves a house.
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  1. Excellent she will be able to take down Stewie Griffin in no time!

  2. I am giggling so hard at People Soup! FEMA better hurry up ;)

  3. I have to chuckle because even once you give her playfood she will cook everything but in the play kitchen, at least my daughter did back in the day. Micheyla still has all of her Little People.

  4. I got some fake food at Walmart and Toys R Us before. It's ok if she wants people soup - lol!

  5. Love this post. Very cute. My little one has a kitchen too. She loves her play food. Thanks for sharing and for your sweet comments regarding my sick little one.

    Your title of your blog got me wondering. Are you native American Indian? I'm a portion Cherokee Indian.

  6. Thanks so much for the encouraging comment on my blog! :) I was really filled with joy by the comments and I hope to blog about what I love soon!

  7. @ other Identity Hi, honey

    @Storm - thanks for your comment

    @Sassy - your probably right I never then thought of that

    @Sue- yeah It's okay I clapped with her

    @Michelle I am Choctaw Indian and I got my blood card recently

    @Michelle NP thanks for stopping by

  8. I immediately thought ~ get wee people that look like Pelosi,Frank & Reid lol (joking)

    Cute story though!


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