Monday, February 16, 2009

MY trip to the ENT. I want to SUE my old Dr.'s

I went to the ENT today. I have been creating, and dealing with what I was told were tonsil stones since September. First I went to the Dr. and said I coughed up this thing that look like plaque she said it was probably just plaque that got caught in my tonsils. Then I went back to a different Dr. in December because my throat hurt and I was not sleeping well and I have this white thing on my tonsil. He said it was a huge tonsil stone. Everyone gets little ones and they are common. Perhaps you felt like there was a pice of popcorn stuck in your throat but you haven't eaten popcorn in weeks. That was probably a tiny little collection of tonsil grossness that what tonsils do.
Since then I have also coughed up two or three more pea (or bigger) sized stones. My husband and I noticed that right before I cought them up I would get a sore throat and feel sicky and really really tired. So the last Dr. had said that if I am having issues I would have to see an ENT.
Well, today I went to the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctor. He said there are not actually stones he doesn't know why people call them that. He just said that the tonsil crpty is engorged with dead white cells and other stuff. I explained to him that for probably ten years I have had issues with my tonsils and glands swelling combined with unrestful sleep and sometimes even a fever. I wanted to know if the stones or whatever were causing it or if what is causing the stones is causing me not to sleep well, such as a deviated septum causing post nasl drip.
Basically, he said yes the tonsil stones can cause all this and haven't you ever gone to the Dr. about your throat swelling up. I said yeah but they just check me for strep and send me home. I even went to the SAME Dr. in the SAME year 5 times and she just acted like I was a hypocondriatc. Well it is offical!!! I AM NOT A HYPOCONDRIATC. So there stupid Dr. I want to sue. (Oregon lawyers willing to do a pro-bono suit call me!)
He said I have 2 options. I can gargle with hydrogen proxide for the rest of my life twice a day and if they get swollen still try a very strong penecillian type antibotic. The other option is having them removed. The cause of the stones is not post nasal drip but a strong bacterial infection that has taken over my tonsils basically. He said "Tonsils, ....well most healthy tonsils..." get rid of the infection but yours are apparently not going to.
After thinking of all the issues I already with my back combined with the issues the tonsils are causing my husband and I are going to go ahead and get my tonsils removed. If I can breath easier, then maybe my back won't be so sore when I wake up. Just that one thing is worth 10 days of intense horrible pain. I mean two years of exhausting, overwhelming physical therapy did very little and I can't wait to start again. So this seems like it makes sense. On the other had I have a 14 month old toddler. I of course am scared of how this will impact her, but I don't think I have a choice.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your tonsil complications. It's always hard to be recovering from something with a little one in the house, but if it will improve your overall health then it's worth those tough couple of weeks. Good luck. And I don't know if suing would help, but definitely find a new doctor. ;) Also thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Well, I won't actually sue, it just drives costs up for us. I just wish I the Dr. I had as a child was not a Dr. she doesn't really care about healing people.

  3. My sister has something similar to this. She's struggled with tonsil problems since she was young. She is now 36 and still has problems. She never had the tonsils removed. She just uses peroxide religiously. I hope you start feeling better soon. Take care.

  4. Well, at least you found a doc that listened to you and has a plan. It won't be easy with a toddler, but maybe your dad can come up for a few days to pitch in at first. I so hope it helps you feel better.

  5. Don't even get me started on doctors. If I had a quarter for every doctor I've seen in the last 5 years I'd be richer than Bill Gates. Most of them are useless.

  6. I had to have my tonsils removed in my early 20s due to almost the same issue. When mine did finally come out they were HUGE and the healing took longer than usual. But that said it was so worth it!! Brace yourself for some long painful days right after but then be ready to be pain free from this affliction!

  7. I am a relatively new visitor at your blog. I am sorry to hear about your chronic pain. In your profile I noticed about you issues in dealing with you past. I would like to suggest the book, "Healing is a Choice" by Stephen Arterburn. It is an amazing book that I worked through in a group last year. Maybe you would benefit from it.

  8. I'm glad you finally know what's up with your tonsils, and I think that is an excellent idea to just have them taken out! Yeah, it'll be painful and there will be recovery but then they will NEVER bother you again! Well worth it, I think.

  9. They talked about this on Oprah one day. I had never heard of them.


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