Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Worlds Laziest Toddler

I honestly don't think that is an over statement this week. On Friday we put her to bed a little bit late about 9pm. My husband got her up around 12:45 on Saturday afternoon. Then she took a nap and went to bed on time at 8pm on Saturday and slept until 1:15pm Sunday afternoon. So we didn't let her take a nap (yeah I don't get that logic now either I guess we were in a slee coma) we put her to bed around 7:45pm and around 2am she woke-up and talk in her crib for like 20 mins. Then Monday morning she woke-up around 12:30 in the afternoon again, only to take an extra long nap at 1:30pm. Tuesday she woke-up around noon and today also noon.
Today of course since I decided to write this post she is running around like a manic with no signs of nap time coming anytime soon. Still though that is alot of sleep for a toddler it seems. On the plus side, I got to watch the swearing in without any random toys going off in the background. I made some brownies. Clean organized the computer, wiped the drive clean and started over. In fact the house is looking pretty nice!
I think the Dr. wasn't expecting another growing spurt (usually the cause of a two week crib binge). So, I guess I am not going to really limit anything anymore. I am sure I will suddenly find stuff not fitting her anymore.
*A Random thought to yesterday's happenings.
Maria Mendez was interviewing people at the Inguration Ball and the next day she reported on it. I don't think she was expecting what happened.
"Yeah, I got to meet with lots of interesting people, my favorite was Buzz Aldren"
"What did you think of Michelle's dress"
She took it like a pro, and launched into discussing fashion with the girls. Although I am pretty sure she was excited to play a real reporter. I felt bad for her.
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  1. I gave an award to you as well!

  2. It still amazes me when any of my kids hits a growth spurt. All they want to do is eat and sleep non stop. I'm in trouble when they become teenagers.LOL

  3. Good gracious! Can anyone talk mention something about Michelle Obama other than her dress??? Does she not have anything else to offer aside from her fashion sense, or lack thereof?? I don't see anyone talking about President Obama's wardrobe. Give me a break!!!

  4. Oops, didn't mean to but the word talk in before mention. Just pretend that isn't there. :-)


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