Monday, January 19, 2009

How the Turtle Got It's Shell

This is a Choctaw story explaining why the turtle's shell looks so unique.

Little ants help Big turtle.

Honey (Foe bila) was outside one sunny day playing with a stick. Along came Turtle (Luksi),

"Hello. Honey what are you doing" said Turtle

"I am playing with this stick Turtle" said Honey. Honey threw the stick very high into the air. When the stick came down it hit Honey in the head. Honey began to cry.

"Ha, ha, ha, Honey is a cry baby. Honey is a cry baby" said Turtle.
"Stoping laughing at me" said Honey. Turtle kept laughing at Honey. Honey was anrgy, she threw the stick at Turtle. The stick cracked Turtle's shell. Honey was scared. She ran home. Honey left Turtle all alone. Turtle started to cry. Along came some little red ants.

"Can we help you Turtle" asked the little red ants.

"Little ants can't help a big turtle with a cracked shell" said Turtle.

"Yes, we can" said the little red ants. All the little red ants climbed on Turtle's cracked shell and sewed it back togather.
"Oh thank you little red ants" said Turtle.
So if you see a turtle you will see where his shell was crack by Honey and where the ants sewed his shell back togather again.

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  1. I love Native American stories. My grandmother was part Native American so I've always been fascinated with the culture, myths, spirituality, way of life, etc. It seems to me that long ago, before the tribes were scattered and relegated to reservations the Native American community was as close to a utopia as you can get.

    You have a wonderful blog, I'll be back!


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