Thursday, January 15, 2009

My other half

While I have grumbled about my husband a bit on here, I really do love him. Since last night after we went to Costco he put everything away in the pantry IN THE PROPER PLACE deserves a I love him post. Last night while we were at Costco monkey ran out of steam walking and wasn't happy about being placed in the cart. So my husband carried her through the check out line and to the car. I was pushing the cart. I am not sure which one would have hurt my back worse. The parking lot is on an incline and the cart was completely full. So I was pushing it and trying to to let it run off into somebodies car. I can feel my back just exploding in pain and I look at my husband and slow down. I was thinking, I need help but he has her. Now if I carry her to the car the muscles I've already irriated will be hurting plus the ones that I use to carry her will be hurting. My husband is goes CHRISTINA are you okay. I said, No but I don't see options we are out numbered here. He rolls his eyes, walks to the front of the basket and starts pulling with one hand. So, a tilted driveway, tired baby, and super full grocery cart vs. Me and the Mister is not outnumbered.
He really has to take on a bunch of stuff because of my back pain. Sometimes he complains but most of the time he just gets everything done. It is amazing to me all the things that he can accomplish. Somedays it takes me 90 minutes to get the dishes done. He can do it and scrub all the counters down in about 15 minutes. He makes sure to tell me important things in life. Not just I love you, but thank you for giving me our daughter. He is a very rare kind of guy that would rather be at home with his family, then out on the town with the guys. Although sometimes his idea of at home with the family includes playing games on the computer and forgetting about us. That is okay though we all deserve some time to recooperate from the game of life.
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  1. Hi.
    I have a little something for you. When you have a bit of time, please drop by Night Clicks to check it. If you don´t want to post about it, it´s all right with me.
    Just wanted to let you know that I´ve been reading your blog and I remembered you.
    Good Friday!

  2. That's great your husband helps out so much.

    Thanks for continuing to visit me while I was with out a computer. Good news - my new computer just arrived yesterday! Yea!

  3. I am so sorry about your back pain. But you certainly are lucky in having such a husband.


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