Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Babies first booboo.

I am completely over exaggerating, but her first REAL bonk on the head almost ended my marriage. Monkey and I were outside and we were talking to the neighbor and her dog. Monkey loves dogs, in fact instead of candy a stranger only need a friendly dog to lull her away. The neighbor left and she tried to follow her. We live on a hill and we were standing at the top on an incline. So monkey ran a few steps and then fell. She caught herself and then she tried to stand, but then incline cause to her end up on her head in a heap. It was a pretty hard hit, the neighbor heard it and came back to see if everything was okay. She calmed down and we continued to explore outside (on the flat surface) and everything seemed fine. When came back in about 20 minutes later and I cleaned it which caused her to run away from me screaming (only to come back for comfort).

After that she kept whining for a solid 30 minutes and the only thing to keep her calm was to keep her on my lap. So I gave her some motrin because it was swollen pretty good. Then my husband came home and I went and made dinner. I came out to sit down while dinner cooked for 5 minutes. She was sitting on my husbands lap and all the sudden she looks like she is going to fall asleep. Her eyes were almost closed all the way. Before I could utter anything my husband who can't see her face kinda freaks out. So I know she must have suddenly gotten heavier and sleepy feeling. So, he is saying her name and I was reaching for the phone and then it is over. It was literally a few seconds.

So I called the doctor and say she just like all the sudden almost fell asleep on my husband, like she was going to pass out (voicemail) 2 hours after she bumped her head. The Dr. calls back and does ask any questions just says go to the ER she will need a CT scan and we can't do that. So then my husband says that I just said the exact right thing for them to tell me that. She didn't really pass out, because her eye's didn't completely close. Then he glares at me while I look up more information. Every 30 seconds he angrily says my name followed by Well what are you thinking. Then he is all angry because I am not sure if we should go to the ER, I really want to go at this point. We put her in the high chair for dinner and she was just fine. So I say fine, if she is walking around fine after dinner we won't go to the ER. If she has problems going from sitting to standing though we are going.

Well, she was playing just fine, so I said I guess we won't go. Then he starts making fun of me. I tell him not to because it isn't funny. He shouldn't be making fun of me. If anything is wrong with her, it will be his fault we didn't go the ER. Then he keeps at it and gets mad at me because I won't laugh over it.

Then he says the only thing he is worried about is a concussion . I said well, if she has a concussion we should be waking her up in a few hours. He aruges with me, so I tell him to look it up. I had JUST read that online. Well, he decides to search WebMD for concussion and he reads that the best treatment for a concussion is plenty of rest. I said is that for a healthy adult or for a toddler under two years old. Then he just yells at me and says now I am just arguing to argue. Then he searches toddler concussion.

All the sudden my idea of going to the ER isn't so funny. In fact all the sudden everything got very serious. All the sudden he seemed to be contemplating going to the ER.

Well, I had read to wake them up every two hours and he read to wake them up once. So we went and checked on her (he had to come in and see too) after she had been sound asleep for two hours. We woke her up very easily.

Well, that was a much longer story then I realized. I am still not sure we did the right thing. Parenthood is the oddest thing in the world.!the bestpretty goodokaypretty badthe worsthelp? Add to Technorati Favorites Linkshowoff
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  1. There are so many tough decisions in parenting, this will be the first of many.

    That can definitely be scary, but it sounds like she is doing fine. The ER is often such a tough decision to make with kids. You don't want to take her if she doesn't need to go, but you don't want to make a mistake. I have been in that same position a number of times (right down to the argument with my husband).

  2. Thanks, I know it is so hard. You are always sure that your doing the wrong thing, or your sure the wrong thing is the right thing or well you know. It is crazy! She is just fine all day.

  3. Awww, poor baby. That looks like it really hurts. I've learned with my four year old to never question you instincts. If you think the injury is hospital worthy, just follow your instincts. It's paid off for me. Thanks so much for stopping by my place. Have a great day.


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