Sunday, January 11, 2009

12 Months shots

Well, she is 13 months old but on Friday we did 12 month shots. The ice and snow caused us the delay. Our Doctors office is on the 7th floor. So we always get at least one if not two VERY interesting elevator rides. The ride up wasn't that exciting. We did encounter two ladies. One tells me "what cute shoes" only I didn't think she was talking to me because she wasn't looking at me. After she said it though she gave me a look that caused a "Thank You" to be blurted from my mouth. Then my face must have looked as confused as I felt because she explained everything by pointing to my daughters shoes. Oh yeah I felt dumb!
Then I got flirted with at the Dr.'s office by what I will assume was a single Dad. I like to think people are mostly good. I don't wear a ring, I have one but I just don't wear it because it doesn't fit. I swear I will lose weight but I haven't.
Then for some reason the Doctor's office was extremely slow about everything. So by the time the nurse to give monkey her shots came in she was ready to be somewhere else. So she was already irritated at the lady and then the lady gave her shots. I am pretty sure if I wasn't holding her she would have hit her. Yeah, my daughter is pretty agrresive actually.
So over the Dr. said she has a big head and if her head keeps growing they might have to scan for fluids. Probably nothing. This has been a thing that one appointment is a concern and the next it is all inline with her height and weight. So I am not worried.
Then the Dr. basically said that my little Monkey is on the cusp of becoming over weight. I thought well her head is so big (haha joking). So we should be limiting her milk to make sure she is getting enough nutriutents from food. Well, explaining this to my husband was like really hard. I explained it three or four times and then I yelled, "SHE'S FAT". Anyways, if he would have listen to me in the first place (as in the last 6 months) and then just limiting the milk it wouldn't have been a big thing. Yet, he always gives her cookies saying what is the big deal they are organic animal crackers. Then he never "remembers" that I told him to limit juice to half a sippy cup a day. I'll get up on Saturday and she'll have had 15 cookies and two cups of juice and peanutbutter toast and 1/4 of a banana.
The ride down the elevator stopped at every floor plus she had just gotten shots. So she took the opportunity to give each person a look that said, why are you getting on my elevator without asking first. The first group of people were like oh she looks tired and I explained she had shots. Then the next 5 people I didn't say anything. They would look at her and say hi and she would act like she was going to cry and then not. The first group of people were actually trying not to die laughing over it all by the time we finally made it down. I was just rolling my eyes.

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  1. First, ignore this fat business, once baby is active she will work that off in no time, trust me. I hated shot time, but giving the kids some tylenol before hand helped ease their torment. Reminds me I need to get Cheyla in for a shot, a 12 year shot :)
    Sorry you did not get WIC, they must have really changed their guidelines because you are not the first person to say they have been denied for making too much. We thankfully got it when the kids were little and it sure did help.

  2. I'm giving you a blog award. Check it out here:

  3. Thank you for the award Shelly. I will probably get around to taking care of it tommorow

    Sassy mama thanks for the advice. I am not too worried about her weight but I am using it as an excuse for DH to stop giving her so much juice and too many cookies! :P


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