Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trip to WIC

Well, we were frozen in for about 2 week. Also lots of the activities we normally attend are on winter break. So, I was actually looking forward to going to the WIC office. My daughter really needed to see a child her age for once! The last time I was in the office they had a table that was like a magna doodle or something. The kids were so annoying with it, they banged on it like it was a drum. This time they had two of the large square things with the beads and the wires, I think they are called busy blocks. So that was a very nice change.
There were some women in the waiting area and they had the head scarves on, the ones that are commonly referred to as Islamic headscarves that cover the head and shoulders and just the face poke through. The little girl had a cute one on with sequins. My daughter seemed to think it was neat too. There was a man with them. He was wearing jeans and leather (fake or not I have no clue) jacket.
Now, my little monkey has not been very good at warming up to men. She usually screams in their faces. Everyone in the room can hold her and play with her. Then an uncle picks her up and immediate melt down. So when she ran across the room to the man who was taking care of business, I expected it was to scream at him.
Did she look up and scream?? Of course not, she attached herself to his pants. I tryed to grab and she clung tighter to him. I had to pick her up and he had to pull while I pulled. After removing my daughter from this strange man there was a mlet down. I have no clue what that was about.
Then when the family was called back she tried to go with them. Apparently she is already tired of her own family at the ripe old age of 13 months. That also caused another melt down, when I wouldn't let her join another family. Then we were denied by WIC. I guess we make too much. We really could have used the help. I still can't afford physical therapy, much less a trip to the ear nose and throat doctor. Oh well, I am sure we will figure it how somehow eventually.

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  1. Just when you think you have your baby all figured out she goes and switches it up on you :) It happens and ya gotta roll with it.

  2. You mention on your write up about yourself that you have chronic back pain. You have probably had a thousand people offer ideas about it and are probably totally fed up with people offering advice.
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    I hope that you find something soon.

  3. My oldest daughter is the same way with guys, but she is now entering a stage where she licks her hands/arms/etc as a way to show off - don't know where she got it, we don't even have a cat! LOL. Sorry you were denied by WIC I know that sometimes it just seems like a little help would be welcome, but great attitude on making things work!


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