Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Doctors Office ~not about back pain ~

So I was watching Oprah last night. She was talking about being your own health advocate or having a health advocate. She believes that you need someone who you can talk to about all your health problems who will help you process everything and come to a conclusion. Most people might think duh isn't that what your Dr. is suppose to do. Well, yeah that is what they are suppose to do but if you don't have a good Dr. this won't happen!
So then I was reading Sassy Mamma Bear's comments to me and her own blog. I realized this is actually a very big issue. It made me think of my health care while in the Navy.
Before I continue I would like to make very clear the following. This is my personal experience of care on a very small base that was shutting down. It in no way reflects ALL the health care of the military. Now back out Native American Momma's thoughts.
When I would go to a scheduled Dr.'s appointment I would go to a clinic. I would get whoever was working. They would put all my symptoms into the computer and say which do you think you have A or B. The symptoms for A include and the medicenes are X. The symptoms for B are and the medicenes are X.
I thought this was a very odd way to treat someone. Although looking back it is better then some other Doctors way to doing things. First off you had like a whole team, the computer database information, your Dr. and yourself. I figured out how to be my own health advocate using a clinic like this.
My health care advocate is my husband. The two of us with the power of the internet and a decent doctor has been a very powerful force in helping my health problems. Now, if only I had money to get everything fixed (that another issue!)

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