Friday, December 19, 2008

Tonsil stone *warning a bit gross

So, I have always had problems with my sinuses. I feel all clogged up but nothing will come out my nose. So, I have to dig in there or it ends up getting coughed up. Usually, I would take lots of allergy medicines, followed by a couple of sinus infections, followed by bad bacteria in my stomach. So, the cycle has been allergy pills for three months, antibiotic, pro-biotic. Well, I finally discovered the neti pot (before it was on Oprah). So, I don't need the allergy pills as much, and the other problems aren't following.

We moved to one of those states where you can't get the allergy pills if you need them unless you go to the dr. Well, we didn't have health insurance for awhile. When we did get it, my allergies were the farthest thing from my mind. Instead I have focused on my back spasms. Getting all that under control. So, first thing I say to my Dr. is I need muscle relaxers.

Well throat was sore for like a month. I thought that I had strep or something being around kids again. I used to get strep a lot. So, it wasn't a far stretch but I never got a fever. I was at the point where I just didn't want to talk anymore though. So I went back in and explain my throat is really sore. I think it is possible that it is strep. Yet, I seemed to have gotten the sore throat within a few days of starting the muscle relaxer. So maybe I am allergic to them. More likely, though I think that I am having a post nasal drip issue while I sleep and that is what is causing the issue.

Well, my Dr. did a strep test to check. It came back negative and she gave me some Nasonex. It worked great! My throat didn't hurt anymore. The thing was that she gave me one sample bottle and that was suppose to cure it. So I was fine about a two weeks after the first bottle was gone.

Then my sore throat was sporadic and very mild. So, I just thought I would wait until it got worse again and go back in. Well, I woke up last week feeling achy and feverish. I figured it was just a little bug. My fever was gone within a few days. The little one had been super whiney a couple of days before so probably just a virus.

Then my husband gets in a fight with me regarding where your tonsils are. Then he decides to look at mine. There is 1 large white spot on my tonsil. He freaks out says some here, open your mouth and has a Q-Tip in his hand. I say you can't Q-tip away bacterial infections. So that looks like tonsillitis, except just the one spot. So I am probably just getting over it on my own.

That was Saturday, today Friday I woke-up and my throat hurts so bad on both sides. Then I hack up some really gross stuff that should have come out of my nose. We are frozen in and the weather has been super CRAZY so I didn't want to drive through the snow drop my husband off, come home, call the Dr.'s see if they had an opening, drive to the Dr. (or end up canceling and not going to the Dr. because it started snowing really heavy) come home and then go get my husband later in the day. So, I just took my husband to work and went straight to an "immediate care" clinic.

I say I think I have tonsillitis or something. So, I explain I was a bit feverish, and I have a sore throat and this white thing. Well, they swabbed me again and the Dr. looks at it and he tells me, "That looks like a tonsil stone". Tonsil stones can cause a sore throat. More importantly, they are caused by post nasal drip which also causes sore throat.

So after I have some extra cash I will have to go to a ear, nose and throat specialist to figure out how to permanently stop this post nasal drip. Also if my husband and I can't pop this thing out of my tonsil I'll have to see the specialist.

The Dr. sent me home with a prescription of allergy medicine, a saline rinse and (this isn't a joke) wikipedia information regarding how I should go about getting it out of there. He said get some chlorseptic to numb my throat so I don't gag. He tried to get it out with a Q-Tip (yeah just like my husband did haha) but I kept gagging.

I am just completely baffled!!! Oh here is the site incase you want to know more about these tonsil stones.
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  1. That would totally freak me out. I would go crazy trying to get it out.

  2. You know, I learn something new every day reading blogs! Hope you get the stone out - good luck!


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