Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meet Two of my Girls

I only have 1 child, but I have three babies. I have a Jack Russell Terrier and a dog that looks somewhat like a whippet only red (and now grey haha). I love my dogs very much. Well, when they are good they are my dogs when they are bad the Jack Russell, Samantha and the red whippet Danielle is my husbands.

I haven't talked about them at all on this blog yet. So, I thought I would introduce them. Samantha is huge, she is way over weight. There isn't anything I can do about it though (as far as I know) for two reasons. The first is that she has something messed up with her liver enzymes, which causes seizures. She doesn't have them but maybe once or twice a year now that she is one medication. If you have a completely out of control Jack Russell I would recommend getting blood work done! This is a breed issue. The medicine she is one slows her metabolism big time. The second reason is that Danielle will absolutely NOT eat by herself. Danielle is super skinny so we let them graze. We just could not figure out another way to do it.

Danielle was in an abusive home for a bit. We left her with someone we thought we could trust while my husband was in boot camp. They didn't tell us that more people moved in with them or that they moved out. A friend of a friend called me one day and said your husbands dog isn't being treated very well go get her.

I went and got her. I had been trying to get my husband on the phone because of a falling out between me and the home owner to get her anyway. This just made it even more important. When I got her she was literally scared of her own shadow. When she would eat food, if a piece of kibble rolled and touch her nose she would run and hide. I would have to like level the food back out and get her back out from under the desk.

She has lived with me for a little over four years. Now, she randomly gets brave enough to chase small animals or bark at people. Usually, that isn't the goal with dogs but with her it showed amazing progress.
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  1. I've got three babies too.. only one of human variety!


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