Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Moment I Realized I was Pregnant

I remember when I realized I was pregnant. I was still in quite a bit of denial, hoping to finish my last year of college. Just barely out of a two year stretch of physical therapy. My husband and I were also planning to relocate. We were also hopping possibly to have a nest egg saved up.

It was a Tuesday, and I had managed to get in about four naps that week. I wasn't feeling sick, I was just exhausted. Having recently done a crazy three day weekend to my dad's house which was a 5 hour drive away, I figured I was still recovering. Although admittedly it was quite a long recovery. I had the whole week, and then slept all weekend and now it was Tuesday. I thought maybe it was due to my back that I was taking so long to recover. Also what was with that nose bleed the day before we left. Then that other nose bleed last week. I haven't had a nose bleed since I was nine. I was thinking of calling the Dr. because there was something "wrong", but what would I say "I am exhausted and have had two nose bleeds". That wasn't something they could really treat.

So here it was Tuesday, and once again I had come home from work only to land directly in bed. My husband was getting pretty irritate, him relying on me for dinner had eaten all of our snack food, several sandwiches and most of the cans of chili over the week and into the next. I fell asleep telling him I would get up in twenty minutes and make dinner. Two hours later I was aroused out of sleep by something, that I would later find out was my husband trying to find something to eat, but I didn't care what woke me up. In fact the first thoughts in my head were "Let's go to Fred Meyers and find out what baby wants to eat" and I looked down to find my hands on my stomach. Right at that moment I realized I was pregnant! Then I looked up to see my husband banging cabinets in the kitchen. Not entirely ready to admit I was pregnant (at least out loud), I told my husband I was buying us dinner from Fred Meyers.

While we were on our way, I said I think I am late for my period so why don't we pick up a pregnancy test too. I should probably take a moment to let you know right now that my husband is a great guy, very helpful. When he doesn't eat though, he gets angry, and things break when he picks them up. It is like he turns into the green hulk without the green part. So, here I am having a pregnancy craving, wondering aimlessly around Fred Meyers trying to figure out what my baby wants to eat. My husband is grumbling and scaring children and wants to buy some champagne, because they had our favorite in stock which they usually don't. Then we can't find the pregnancy tests. Finally we get to the check stand and realize we have champagne and a pregnancy test and some really random foods. So that was an interesting trip to the grocery store. That has to be the first time I was thankful for the self-checkout stands.

Then we finally get home and eat. I really have no clue what we bought to eat. I get ready to take my pregnancy test. By this time I had let my husband in on the truth of why we were buying a pregnancy test. I wasn't late for my period yet. So my husband who had instantly went into denial mode (I am pretty sure he knew I pregnant too) argued with me. I wasn't expecting that at all. He knows enough about them to say are they more accurate in the morning? Well, yes they are honey, but they are pretty accurate regardless! If I am not pregnant I would like to enjoy that bottle of champagne with you, if I am I'll not take even a sip.

Three minutes later my husband is pouring champegen for himself as I tell him you have to come look at this stick. I am not crazy there is a baby in my belly.

Then he asked me whose it was.....that is another post!!!
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  1. He asked you whose it was?? Holy cow... I hope you're kidding!! lol

  2. It's amazing how woman can know when they are pregnant so soon!

    P.S. Thank you for continuing to visit me during this past week, when I was without power. I am so happy to be home now! Also thanks for all your nice comments. :)


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