Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My apologies

It is snowing and freezing here. We aren't prepared. My husband is stuck home. He is looking over my should and asking me to explain to him why I am looking at every single website. Then he steals the computer every time I pee. Since I work from home on our one computer this is frustrating to me. Also he has been asking me every hour how much have I made today.
To top it off my one year old is stir crazy. Every time my husband leave the room she has a total melt down. Every time I leave the room she has a total melt down. Sometimes if we just move around the room she is having melt downs. This is making both myself and my husband a bit snippety.
Lets add to all this letting everyone also know, we haven't done our monthly grocery shopping. I had to stop doing laundry four days ago. I waited until we NEEDED towels and the baby NEEDED warm clothes. So our bedroom that houses the dirty laundry stinks. We have little food in the house because we were suppose to go grocery shopping the day the storm started, Sunday and now it is Wednesday.
So, my apologies, while I am attempting to write some posts they are not looking well thought out. So, I am holding back. All you will probably get out of me this week is this rant.
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  1. Oh you poor thing. Hang in there and it will pass, was a great psot by the way, sometimes adversity makes us even funnier...sending wishes your way.

  2. We always have to be prepared for the snow around here, but I've been where you're at. Hang in there.


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