Saturday, November 1, 2008

I missed you !

I have been overwhelmed with paperwork lately. My lawyer made me fill out 15 years of employment. I guess for some people that isn't a big task, but for it was a major project. Turns out I have worked 16 different jobs (one I JUST remembered about). For being all of 26 years old that is quite a few but let me explain myself a little bit. First I started working when I was 14 years old. While I was in high school at one point I actually had 3 jobs. So right there explains a bit. Then I married a guy in the Navy. So we moved here, then there and back again. So that also explains many of my positions
Then I found out I loved my fast food jobs and I love coffee so I became a barista. I was really good at it and I became a manager of a coffee stand. It wasn't a busy one because it was on the sales floor of a car dealership, so mostly we just gave away free coffee. It was all mine though, I bought, made and sold whatever I wanted. I didn't own it, I was just completely in charge of it. We even started breaking even ...after I found out the sales team broke the freezer and were stealing the food on the weekends.
Then my back really started to break down. I realized then that I would never be able to own a restaurant or coffee stand. So I focused on my degree in graphic art. I really wanted to focus it on advertising. I used my previous jobs in offices to land me a job in the administrative field. I wasn't very good at it though because I hated it. Just focused on my degree, kept my head up at work and did my best. I got pretty lucky after a few not so great jobs, I found one that didn't care if I was around or not as long as my work was done. So I had time to go to physical therapy or sleep in after three days of finals. Whatever my boss didn't care or notice.
I had to quit that job and school when I got pregnant because my allergies were so bad I was running a fever. Here is the real odd thing. I am allergic to the only allergy medicine I could take as a prego.
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  1. Wow, that is alot of jobs. I have held 3 jobs since I started working at the age of 16. Each were long term. The first as a waitress which lasted 6 or 7 years, then an Office Manager which was another 7 or so, and then a part-time bookkeeper type (one day a week) for 13 years. Now, I am completely a SAHM.


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