Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today is a new day.. well actually it is almost over. Anyways, as I was saying this day I have decided to finally figure out who I am. I was always certain that that sometime before the age of 25 I would figure out things like what I like to do, my career goals and other important things that give people character. Now, I am 26 and when people say “lets go do something fun, what do you want to do?" I literally have to think on it for days on end. I always figured this must just be because I am broke. As in I don't have lots of spending money. Although now that I read the words "I am broke" that pretty much sums up all of my problems. I am physically broken. I have two slipped disks in my back. One is so high up it is technically the first vertebra below my neck. The second one is dead center of my back. So all these new technologies for back pain they come out with do not help me. Most new things are for lower back pain. Things that hurt include, breathing, turning my head, bending over, using my arms, sitting too long, standing to long....
I was quite determined to get a degree. I still am really. Eventually, I am sure I will be getting my degree. I have been working on it for 4 years and have completed 1 year. Geez, you must think I am a slacker (re-read the paragraph above). I have had to balance my time between school, working full time and going to physical therapy twice a week for quite some time. So little time to do things and extra money went to things like not having to make my own dinner (IE Take-out) and physical therapy bills.
Now, however I am a mom. She'll be one soon and then all the sudden she'll be in college, or a mom or both. Now I am still broke (both physically and monetarily). Now I still don't know what to say when people say lets go do something. So I am going to blog until I figure out what I like to do and how to do it. While I blog about my life, feelings, new found likes and dislikes and discover myself I also have the goal to make enough money to get my husbands college debt and my college debt paid off, buy a house, pay my physical therapy bills and get my daughter into private school then into college. It is nice to meet you!
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