Friday, March 6, 2009

The Turkey Who Liked To Show Off ~ A Choctaw Story

The Turkey Who Liked To Show Off ~ A Choctaw Story
Akak Chaha Ile Yimmi kvt Imachukma

On warm days the animals liked to go to the creek and talk with friends. The wind was blowing and it was cool by the creek. As the animals were talking to each other Turkey ran by as fast as he could run.
"I can run faster then anyone in the woods" said Turkey
The animals looked at Turkey but they did not talk to Turkey
"Fox I can catch you" said Turkey
"Wolf I can catch you" said Turkey
"but no one can catch me, I can run too fast" shouted Turkey
The animals did not look at Turkey. The animals did not talk to Turkey.
Turkey said "You won't talk to me because I can run faster then you" and he laughed at the animals and then Turkey ran away. After Turkey had gone the animals talked about what he had done.
"Turkey should not make fun of us "Fox said
"We know he can run fast." said Rabbit "Why does he want to come her and show off? "
The animals talked about turkey
Possum said "We are all animals and we should be friends. When turkey shows off and makes fun of us he is not being a friend"
"What can we do" the animals said
Then Possum said "Let's choose someone that Turkey can't catch"
"Let Turkey try to catch me" Turtle said.
"but Turtle you can't run fast" said Possum
"But I can trick him and he won't catch me" said Turtle
So Turtle went home and he asked his brothers and sisters to help him truck Turkey. The tutles put feathers on their head so they would all look alike.
"Here I am"
Each time Turkey would almost catch one turtle, another turtle would jump out from behind a tree and say "Here I am". Turkey chased the turtles all day and never caught them. Turkey thought he was just chasing one turtle.
Turkey said "I give up. I can't catch turtle because he runs too fast"
"Turtle tricked you" said the animals
"That is why you couldn't catch me" said Turtle
Everyone began to laugh.
Then Turkey said "I won't make fun of anyone anymore"
Then they were all friends again.
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