Monday, March 9, 2009

Have you seen this

I seen a story about this on something like night line probably a year before I even got pregnant yet it stuck in my head. I am glad it did too. When my daughter was going through a waking-up phase I started putting a stuffed animal in the crib. It stayed in the crib and no big deal. Recently however she has started bringing it out of the crib with her or going back and getting it on her own. It is pretty battered and beaten already. Just washing this thing has become a pain in the arse.

The story on dateline was a company that convinced stuffed animal companies to give them a few of more popular selling items before they discontinue them. Now, when your childs lovey gets destroyed, left at the park or carried off by a random dog you can get a replacement. After almost an hour of searching I found it at Plush Memories lost toy service.

I thought I would share so other moms might not have to search quite that long. I was surprised it was so hard to find. I think perhaps I was thinking I need an extra one of these stuffed dogs before it gets destroyed rather then replace my childs lovey, because we just call them her friends.
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