Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who's Baby is it ???

That is right when I the pregnancy test said positive my husband actually said
"That ain't my baby"
I didn't even have my eyebrow raised before he began to apologize all over himself. Now, I have heard the phrase before "apologize all over themselves" but I had never seen it. It seemed as though he was literally tripping on his tongue. He was also backing away from. He was studdering and his hands were awkwardly moving. I am actually, quite "apologizing all over themselves" isn't a cause of death, because he almost went backwards over the couch and broke his neck.
Once I got my eyebrow raised and my hands on my hips (while trying to NOT laugh at him). I very clearly stated that I didn't want to hear that ever again.
Next he started saying really odd things including "But, I just bought flip fl0ps". He said that Dads can't wear flip flops. Then he got online and went car shopping, we couldn't afford one.
Once he finally got through his shock. He was a great husband to a pregnant women. He was also very protective. While we were at the mall once a man was looking at every person who walked in. I was sure he had been stood up or something. To seem less obvious I guess he decided to casually lean against a garbage can. Apparently the garbage can was empty and not attached to anything. So when he lean against the garbage can, it scooted in my direction. He tried to catch himself and continued to almost fall and to push the garbage can in my direction. He was making a super slow bee line right at me with the empty garbage can. Even if he suddenly fell down completely one quick step forward was all I needed. Suddenly, I am being pushed or carried or maybe it was more like awkwardly carried that quick step forward by my husband. Then he said didn't you see that. You could have been hurt. Is the baby okay?
I couldn't help it I burst out laughing at the poor guy. It was like there was a man running through the mall with a gun. Although it was that traumatic for him. That is when I knew he was going to be a really great father.
Although, I must say when somebody says they have never changed a diaper you might not realize what exactly that means. The first 3 or 4 diaper changes in the hospital required almost an entire box of wipes and two or three (one I am pretty sure 5) clean diapers. He was so funny and gentile with her. Well, after he got the diaper changing thing down he was the most I could ever hope for in the father of my child.
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  1. LOL - well he more than made up for that silly comment didn't he.


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