Friday, February 27, 2009

I took a risk

So, I have been looking for friends online. Ones that have kids and like to get out and do free or super cheap things around town. It is easier for me to approach someone that I have already talked to a bit online. We usually have something in common.
I recently discovered, became addicted, and recovered from facebook. I joined the circle of moms on face book. There is a group specifically for my metro area Portland, Oregon, so of course I joined that group. Then me and one of the girls were both looking for activites in the area so we friended each other. Then her Facebook status said "is enjoy my box of organic produce". I let her know that I thought that sounded yummy. So she told me where to she got it from
It was from this local company called Organics To You. She said it was really great and she loved it. So I checked it out. It is a local company that delivers boxes of organic produce right to your door (using biodiseal of course). They use mostly local farmers. Rachel Ray said the other day that local fresh produce is usually cheaper. They describe there boxes, but everything is subject to change.
I thought about reasons to try it and came up with so many. I wanted out of my cooking rut. I wanted more veggies in our diet. Autumn's doctor said it was important for her to have a variety of vegetable, not the same ones over and over. I took the risk and ordered the $50.00 box of mixed veggies and fruits. I got it all set up for monthly delivery. Yesterday, I got my first box. I think it was a really good deal. I wish I had gotten more carrots, but oh well not that big of a deal.
I also got completely out of my cooking rut! I have never used leeks, kale,beets or eggplant so I am surfing the net figuring it all out. It is fun. Last night I roast the beets and I am going to make a salad with them. I also roasted the eggplant with some garlic stuff in it and diced it up. I'm going to add it to chilli like you would corn. I am getting a leek and potato soup recipe from my new friend.
We got
salad mix, lettuce, several beets, 1 eggplant, 3 large oranges, 4 red pears, 3 green apples, and 3 or 4 red apples, a bunch of carrots, leeks, kale, 4 large potatos, 3 small lemons, broccoli, 12 button mushrooms, 2 yellow onions, a large garlic clove, and some orange califlower (never seen orange).
I think it is a good deal. I had to really squish it together to get it all in the camera.

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  1. Good for your for taking a risk. It sounds like you got a lot of good stuff and that you are stretching yourself. That is awesome. I like eggplant and you reminded me I have not had it in a while. They are good grilled - rub with olive oil and grill. I also like adding diced eggplant to spaghetti sauce instead of meat.

  2. Hi and welcome to MBC! Your blog is awesome!


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