Thursday, February 12, 2009

We got a blogger down, blogger down... send back-up !

I got hit with a virus on my computer. So, I apologize for my lack of visiting your sites and commenting like I try to do at least once a week. It is a bit frustrating, looking at the security log what seems to have happened is that while I was trying to download adobe media player, I also hit okay for a trojan to download, it all happened with a few minutes of each other. It was weird, when ever we tried to search for anything it would say in the loading bar waiting for happpy something or other to load. So it was trying to redirect all sites to this page that would never load.
Our computer is like3 years old (at least) just about a month ago we went through and backed-up everything important and had wiped it clean. It irriating to update 3 years worth of XP updates and to reinstall programs like adobe photoshop and MS Office. I am glad though that we were able to save the computer. The whole thing though is like a 10 hour process. Reinstalling our security programs and all of that.
This weekend we had a blast though! We went to the free fridays at the Portland Childlren's Museum that was really fun for my little monkey. We did get her to bed about 30 minutes late. She was so exhausted though she slept until noon the next day. Then she talked about it all through breakfast.
Then on Saturday my husband went and had beers and wings with his friends. Monkey and I went shopping with 100 of tax return money (the rest went to pay of the credit card YAY no credit card debt!). My little one is 14 months old. I bought her some 2T and some 3T and even 1 4T outfit and pj's. The 2T pj's I bought her are almost too small. I put on her one of the 3T outfits I bought her and the shirt is almost too small. The pants are a little bit too long. The jacket it came with fits pefect (this week). I am happy to have a large pile of clothes for her (rather then the pitafull looking three outfits)! I get very frustrated trying to buy her clothes though. I found that Marshall's actually has some really great toddler clothes. I always look at Kohl's and find stuff their. We go to a local consignment shop too. The Target in town is horrilbe for clothes in her size. I also went to Ross Dress for less and they didn't even have a toddler section it went 18 month to 6x. Where do you find the best value for baby clothes.
Then on Sunday we went to the Kids Festival. That not as fun as I thought it would be. It was more like an expo type of thing. You know like a boat show, but for local businesses that cater to kids. They all wanted us to sign up for a give away (just give us your number and we will harass you). It cost $1.00 for her to touch the turtle. Then it cost $1.00 to feed the animals at the petting Zoo (which we just went in without feeding them). There were bothes selling overpriced food. Then it cost $5.00 to ride the pony. In the end it is just money and seeing her giggle on a pny was really priceless, but I won't be going back next year. They also had a lion or something like that in a cage which was random and weird to be showing off around kids.
Now, I am having issues with my icky tonsil stones and I am going to see and ENT (oh tommorow I'll tell you about hubby trip to the ENT LOL!!!) on Monday. I hope he can make it soe my tonisls stop swelling up and making it hard to breath when I sleep. I kinda like good sleep.

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  1. Yay for no more credit card debit. Sorry about the virus and your tonsils. I had a bad computer virus last month. My laptop is still down

  2. Viruses are so annoying. At least you were smart to back-up your stuff.

  3. Sorry about your computer. It happens to all of us at some point, but it so is not fun.

    Super job paying off that credit card debt!!!!


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