Friday, February 6, 2009

Random Thoughts

Well apparently today is both World Nude day and Wear Red Day, oh the horror. I have seen some newspaper articles writing large articles on how horrible, embarrassing and tough it is for people to chose. Personally, I would rather hear more about the stimulus plan details or something of importance.
I have an Amber Alert ticker on my page. I am quite upset how often it turns yellow or orange to issue an alert. I didn't realize how often kids are being taken. I guess in my head I did, but this makes it visual. I am looking into child locator devices. My daughter is currently never out of my sight, but the day is coming.
I feel like I am getting judged by some people because I am potty training my 14 month old daughter. She was constipated when she was 7 months old and would only poop on the potty. A brillant idea I got after changing 5 diapers an hour and holding her on my lap in a pooping on the potty position for that hour between changes. I bought a 3 dollar potty thinking it wouldn't work. I put her on the potty thinking it wouldn't work, but anything was better then an hour of crying, changing diapers, and awkward holding. She pooped and giggled and was happiest right then then she had been all week. Now, everytime she pee's in her diaper she grabs and screams at the top of the her lungs. What should I do, tell her to deal with a tiny bit of pee in her diaper OR take the cue she is read to potty train. Right, I am taking her cues. I understand that even with the best cues there will be set backs. It is possible that she will completely revert back at points. That is fine but today I am not going to listen to her cry and tell her to deal.
My husband showed me this article. Apparently, we can now shot electricity throught the air. They are making a little charger that is completely wirelss that will charge batteries for items that have a special coil in them. Can you imagine just a little mouse pad in your brief case and your cell phone gets charge by proximity. Never in my wildest dreams did I come up with the idea of true wireless electrical items. The mouse pad creates it's own electrity by magnets or something.
I am very excited about this weekend. Tonight Target is hosting a 3 hour free entry to the Portland Children's Museum. Then on Sunday there is a Northwest Family and Kids Festival for Washington county. I found a printed a coupon for $2.00 off to get into the fair. It isn't free, but $8.00 for the whole family isn't bad.
I wish my apartment had a larger hot water heater because I am constantly choosing between, dishes, laundry or a shower. It is awful not to be able to jump in the shower when you have a few moments to yourself because you got off your butt and did the dishes.

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  1. What you are doing with your dd is elimination communication and I think that is wonderful. Google it and you will probably find forums dedicated to it and some support. Listening to our children no matter their age is important.

  2. My daughter was potty trained very young and almost did it her self. She got rashes very easy and did not like pee in her diaper.
    My son on the other hand is 2 and 1/2 and is still in diapers.

  3. You are so funny - just like me. It's hard to keep a blog post to just one subject!

    Kids are all different, and ready for things at different ages. Mine weren't ready until about age 3. But I've heard that paper/absorbent diapers have really delayed potty training ages - that kids used to train much earlier.

    Do what is right for you & your little girl!


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