Monday, December 8, 2008

The Pain began.

Still hoping for my back pain to go away. That isn’t quite true either. I keep catching myself waiting and hoping for the pain to go away. I know that it is not going anywhere. I knew it a really long time ago I think. I tried to explain it to my husband, but he didn’t believe me. So once again I went through the motions. Now finally he believes that I have tried enough. I guess it wasn’t all him though either. I mean I wanted to believe the pain would leave someday too.
So my pain started when I was nine years old. I also started getting headaches around that time. Nobody really believed that I was in actual pain. My best friends mom actually rolled her eyes at me and said that “nine year olds don’t get headaches”. I really hope she is right that most healthy nine year olds don’t get headaches. Anyways after a good three weeks of telling my mom that my shoulder hurt, I finally mentioned it in front of my father. He told my mother to take me to the doctor. A few weeks later, he seen massaging my back and I had started to do without noticing. He asked me about the doctors office and since I yet to go, my parents go in a fight.
Eventually, I went to the dr. he referred me to physical therapy. I was under the impression I could only go to the physical therapist six times. If you know anything about physical therapy that is not enough to do much. The physical therapist decided I had “rounded shoulders”. So I was told to sit very straight. I was given a few exercises, told I could take adult doses of Tylenol or Advil, advised to do heat and ice. Then I was sent on my way.
I was very unaware of the fact that since my pain didn’t go away that I wasn’t finished going to the doctor. I just quite complaining about it. I mean who likes someone whining all the time. I was nine, I wanted to be liked. So I continued to do the exercises and take medicine and do the heat and cold. Nothing much happened for a couple of years after that.
Well, I guess this is a good stopping point for now. My back is hurting and I need to do some exercises. Since I am twenty six this is a really really long story. I don’t expect anyone to read it all. I do need to get it all out though. So, I will finish it completely soon enough.
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  1. I for one am interested to read more and hear your story. Thanks for sharing so far.

  2. Me, too!
    I am suffering from severe back pain and cannot get relief.


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