Tuesday, September 15, 2009


 I have a new blog that I love to visit. It is a crafting blog by a mom with two little boys. Granted the lady running My Little Gems is much more talented then me, most people who have complete control of there hands are (LOL), but she even has an itsy store. So I stole her "Foamerator" idea. It was perfect because Monkey was having bath time issues. Now we have gone through many ups and downs with bath time (which I find odd considering her love of the pool).
First time she started having a melt down at bath time we realized she was already very tired, so we started doing bath time earlier. That was an easy fix. The next time she started having a melt down we have no idea what triggered it, but one day I just decided to skip it. Then next day she was pretty stinky and I wanted a show in the middle of the day. Since bath time was such a mess I figured it would hurt anything to take a shower togather. She love it for awhile. Once that phase seemed to have passed realized she was going through an "it's my idea, I'll do it myself" phase. So, we got her really interested in ducks, bought her this special duck and let her play with it all day. Then we drew her bath and showed her the duck floated and she could get in a play with the duck. So she decided that is what she wanted to do. Then she went through a, I am going to scream and kick through bath time phase. That is when thankfully I came across the foamerator. I bring it out when she is having a bad day or didn't get a good nap. It is something for special times to play with. She loves it so much I am wondering if I could use it to potty train. ? 

To Make A Foamerator 

Cut the bottom off of a plastic bottle. I used a pedilyte bottle. 

Then attached a damp wash cloth with a rubber band.

Now dip the bottom in a shallow plate or bowl that has hand soap or dish soap in it. Then Blow.

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  1. We saw that idea in a Family Fun magazine, but couldn't get ours to work!

  2. Gaaaagh! That is SOOOO cute - I'm going to have to steal that one as soon as I can get my hot little hands on a bottle...

  3. Jess try running water over the wash cloth or ringing it out a bit. The first one I did worked perfectly, but the next one didn't and I had to wring it out then the sixth on I had to run water over it.

  4. You are so cute. Thanks for the plug. I got the idea from Family Fun magazine- it always has great ideas in it! :)


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