Friday, January 2, 2009

Date Night

I have been married for 6 years as of December 28th. The snow ruined my plans for Christmas and my plans for my anniversary. So last night we went out. My daughter is 12 months old. We didn't have a baby sitter for the first 6 months. In October on my birthday my dad drove up. We left after she went to sleep and went to the casino. We were gone about five hours.
Then my dad spent the New Year's eve with us. Then after we put her to bed we went out to dinner and a movie. So our second date night in six months.

We went to the Cheesecake Factory. I have never been there. The menu is unreal! It was literally a book. It was kinda broken into sections, but they were all labeled "Specialty" except one was labeled Pasta I think. It took awhile for us to decided on what to eat. I got the spicy chicken chipolate chicken pasta. He got baja taco platter or something.

There is one blender at the bar that is really noisy, if it wasn't for that one blender it would have been at very nice atmosphere. We had to shout at each other because of the blender. I was afraid we were going to have an old couple with nothing to say staring at each other date. It was nice that we didn't have that happen.

We started talking about where we were six years ago. All that we have been through togather. My husband was in the Navy for four years. We had nothing when we got married. Some books and a few clothes. I had a dresser, a dining table. At our wedding we got pots and pans and some glasses and cassarole dishes. We didn't have a bed though. We didn't have a couch. The only chairs we had came with the dinner table. We were seperated by the military for 7 months. Then finally we were given permenant orders, to Mississippi. That was another world from here.

Anyways, we have worked really hard togather for six years building a life from nothing. We didn't even know what career we wanted or schooling that we wanted. We have each attending school. We have each aquired school debt (ack!). We have a bed, art, couch, tv, computer, shelves for our books, and a beautiful child. We have build a relationsip based on trust, friendship and love.

I am blessed with so much it was really great to take a moment and reflect on everything we have. It prevents you from taking things for granted.
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  1. How super you two were able to go out for your anniversary and really enjoy looking back and being thankful. What a wonderful dad you have that he is willing to babysit. Happy Anniversary!

  2. The material things will come, but you really don't need them. It sounds like you have all that life is about,love and family.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! We need a cheesecake factory around here!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! :) I'm getting married this July and I hope to celebrate many anniversaries in the future. Nice blog!

  5. It is so nice getting out every once in a while . I am glad you got to go on a date.


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