Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Truvia™ Sweetner

This whole thing is very fishy to me. Not, it doesn't taste fishy, in fact I haven't ever tasted this product. I am just quite interested in sweetener substitutes. As a Native American I am very much predisposed to diabetes. So anytime you can make your waistline more manageable is very exciting. The other hand is that diabetes is basically your body not properly using what you give it. So, you have to really examine new products before you decide yes, this can help me not get or control my diabetes.

Truvia is a new sweetner. It has no calories. WOOHOO!!! It is from a shrub and has been used in Japan for 30 years. So, the major issue is not is this safe. The major issue is "how much" of this is safe. For example if you replace 2 teaspoons of sugar in your two cups of coffee with Truvia your fine. Therefore I am saving a total of 60 calories per day by doing this.

Now if you drink Pepsi with 28g of sugar per 8 oz. You drink 3 20oz's a day that is 210g of sugar you would be replacing compared to 60g in the coffee. That is more then twice as much.

This is just soda we are talking about, what about the sugar in bread, sauces, syrups, muffins, cakes, cookies..all the other things we consume in a day.

It does add carbohydrates in. It must be a simple carbohydrate, but 3 grams isn't bad. A slice of bread is around 23g of carbohydrates.

Some studies have indicated that your body will react in an adverse way and chance the way you break down carbohydrates when consumed in high amounts. That is a bit troubling for someone trying to prevent diabetes.

What I am more worried about are these facts. The FDA approved Truvia in the middle of the night, during a lame duck period of congress. To top it off the very next day I see a commercial for it on TV AND it is already in a product that is on shelves in one state. It isn't like there was a significant fact finding study, it just happened for no reason (that I can find) except that the beverage companies wanted it to happen. I am afraid that somebody got paid off here. It is a government agency.

My plan is this. I am going to buy some and try it. I am going to also check out the supplements available in the health food section (if they still are) and see if it is cheaper and tastes the same. I am going to drink it in my coffee in the mornings. I am going to avoid products with truvia or stevia in them. Especially baked goods. Continue to read the studies. Once the new government has gotten all situated then I will be less hesitent.

Experts say that most American's only need to cut 100 calories a day to reduce their weight. I have stopped gaining my typical 5 lbs. a year. Now, if I could lose 30 lbs. I'd be all set. This gets me just over half way there. So even finding out about this and using a small amount makes me super excited!
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