Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here and Then there

I know that this blog shown the totally ADD side of me. I don't actually have ADD or have been diagnosed with it or taken any medications for it. I am just reviewing my first month of blogging and realized, there is no direction for this blog in-particular. I am not sure if this is good or bad. Next week I am going to start the blogging for money stuff. So I guess I will find out. I may have to tear this into many different blogs. I may just leave this blog here and then make specific blogs for certain things and duplicate some posts. I am not sure yet. If you are blogging and making money let me know what has worked out the best for you. How many blogs do you have. Do you ever duplicate posts on different blogs?

On a totally different note. How is everyone celebrating the New Year. My dad is coming up and we are just going to hang out at the house. That is usually what we do, take a few shots maybe nothing crazy though. I am just going to pretend that most of 2008 didn't happen. In general it was a crap year as far as world events and such. My husband did find a great job and get a good raise. I started working from home. My daughter had a wonderful 1st birthday. So it wasn't all bad.

Now onto what to expect in 2009. Well, we will be entering the terrible two's. My husband is expecting to get a large promotion. I am hoping to make more money for less effort in blogging. Although ChaCha is pretty freaking easy! Also I am going to try to lose 30 lbs. That is 2.5 lbs a month doable but pretty hard.

Happy New Year everyone!!!
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  1. You don't need a direction for your blog! just be your fascinating self!

  2. Good luck with the blogging for money thing - I just blog for fun, so no advice.

    Here is some good news, my friends and I were just discussing and agreeing that the twos are not so terrible, but you have to watch out for the threes, so that may make 2009 and bit more pleasant :)

  3. No I don't know much about the blogging for money thing either but good luck with it!


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